My brief, but memorable 8 track moment

It was 1971 and I was just 8 years old. Myself and my school friends had just the radio to listen to if we wanted to hear any modern music because we didn’t have a record player of our own. Of course we could use our parents record players but the only records they had were 78s so the tunes were mainly rock and roll or classical. I remember listening to Ravels Bolero, Bill Hayley’s Rock around the clock and the entire collection of Elvis but what I really wanted to listen to was Slade, Sweet and T Rex. It was the Reilly’s who lived across the road who came to our rescue for in their garage they had a Triumph Dolomite …


…and inside it had an 8 track player.


…were we played all Mr Reilly’s 8 tracks

pile of 8 tracks

…and we lived happily ever after

…until the car battery went flat




This is no way to treat a record

This is no way to treat a record

Beautiful Marilyn Monroe, seen here, sings Kiss in the 1953 movie Niagara.

Keep watching and you’ll soon discover it’s not one of her husbands favourite songs

I’ve seen people turn records into bowls but what this guy does is unforgivable . What’s worse is, according to the catalogue, the record is now worth £30 or more