I was just reading through this old copy of Music week the other day (like you do ) and came across this interesting article from 1977  regarding the display of the “obscene” Sex Pistols album “Never mind the bollocks ” in shop windows. It occurred that a Virgin shop in Nottingham was actually charged under the 1889 indecent advertising act and had an album confiscated by the police. I bet, at the time, Richard Branson was lapping this up, I mean you couldn’t buy that sort of publicity , could you? Certainly beats having to jump from planes, go round the world in balloons and into space in rockets to get a mention in the news!

What a load of Bollocks


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3 thoughts on “Never mind the censorship – here’s the Sex Pistols

  1. This is really interesting isn’t it? The way our society has changed and what is acceptable and what is not; what caused outrage then and what doesn’t get noticed now. Maybe if the Pistols hadn’t happened then we would still be a lot more conservative and conformist?


    1. I remember at the time in 77 and 78 thinking to myself – wow if music is this crazy now, what will it be like when I’m an old man? Well I have to say … It’s a little disappointing.
      If anything, everyone is more compliant – and maybe the music is too?

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