Is there really a resurgence in vinyl?

Well if you ask me I’m going to say “of course there is” aren’t I? I mean, if you ask a hairdresser, do you need a haircut, then they’re bound to say yes, aren’t they?. But without any doubt, I’ve seen enthusiasm for records pick up in South Molton over the last year – by a fair degree. It’s hard to believe but it’s really my third year selling records at the pannier market ! This year I’ve even had customers arguing over who was going to buy my last turntable (on the day when I genuinely didn’t have any more “last ones” under the counter) and I’ve even topped my sales of records on several occasions in recent months.

So that’s it then, it’s in black and white , sales of vinyl are “picking up big time” in South Molton, but what about elsewhere ? Well I’ve heard that John Lewis can’t keep up with demand for turntables (which is why I always have a few on the stall) and the UKs only pressing plant is working 24 hours a day 7 days a week and the UK is buying another one! Also there’s a town in Eastern Europe (Czech republic so I’m told) that has half a dozen vinyl pressing plants and 2000 work force just to press enough vinyl for Europe– heady stuff eh? We’ve even brought in a uk vinyl album chart after there wasn’t one for 14 years and I’m delighted to say I have about half the LPs on this weeks chart available on my stall – you can check out the latest chart here

Still not convinced?, well how about this article from the daily mail

Of course the real question is, why is their a resurgence?

Mmmm let me think on that one.


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